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We offer a flexible scheduling to fit busy lifestyles. We provide a safe and welcoming space for you to engage your life challenges and by doing so enhance the quality of your life and your relationships.
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Pattigift is an African-centred organisation committed to delivering African-centred solutions to individual, familial and community challenges. We believe that we are entitled to the best life offers and that viewing the world from our cultural perspective provides the most authentic way of achieving our goals.

Therapy is our weapon of choice, not just in the traditional formats but through normal activities that produce the same therapeutic impacts.

Audre Lorde

Although our work primarily focuses on African heritage persons, an African-centred perspective is humanistic, allowing us to work with other groups, mainly where there has been oppression. 

We offer psychological services, ranging from individual and group counselling and psychotherapy, including face-to-face and virtual CBT.

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Other Services

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Healing Circles

Our healing circles provide a safe and supportive space for community members to come together, share their stories, and find healing and connection.

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Course and Traning

Courses & Training

Our courses and training programs are designed to provide professional development opportunities for students and professionals.

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